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The Power of Paint

Before and after. Don’t tell Dewey, but not all our projects require a degree in architecture.

Preparing to put their home on the market, this client asked us to identify and fix what wasn’t working. Professionally it’s called “enhancing curb appeal” - I call it putting lipstick (or paint in this case) on the pig. It’s no different in the corporate world, or merchandising or fashion. Taking control of what people see - like a good haircut and simple jewelry keeps eyes from wandering to our lumpy midsections. The landscaper will plant climbing growth up the lattice and across the pergola - to keep eyes away from the awkward window and massing above the garage.

It’s all visual communication. Maximize the positive. Minimize the negative.

This was an easy and fun transformation - On a very tight budget, the house is no longer the street’s ugly duckling.


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