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Berkshires Transformation

Under Construction - at long last

The Berkshires. Addition and Renovation. Nichols Design Group

About the Project:

Nichols Design Group was asked to transform a family's modest vacation home in the Berkshires into the couple's permanent residence. The house needed a two car garage, a new kitchen, a primary bedroom suite, a guest suite, music room and overall updates. We knew the clients well, having done their three bedroom triplex on Appleton Street in Boston's South End neighborhood.

A Project Interrupted:

It was late winter, 2020. Our schematic design work was nearly complete. Preliminary drawings had been sent out for pricing. We were spending a weekend with the clients when news began trickling out about a global pandemic. "Nonsense" we said...and went out for dinner. Little did we know the world was about to change in ways we could not yet imagine.

In a matter of days, the clients asked we hold off on any further work until we could see what the future held.

Over the next 18 months we stayed in touch, (thank you, Zoom), and watched as real estate values and construction costs skyrocketed. Clearly, the projected cost of this dream was not going down as we waited - the cost was going up.

And so, as pandemics, wars and every kind of existential threat raged on, a decision was made. It was time to set fear aside and move forward.

Breaking Ground:

Where it Began:

Nichols Design Group | Berkshires Renovation "Before"


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