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Updated: May 2, 2023

Modern Design in a Traditional Neighborhood

Charlestown Renovation | Rear View

The Client:

A young couple with two careers, one dog, one cat and one baby on the way. A future-focused family settling into a home stuck in the 70’s. Parts of the property had been renovated by previous owners, yet the core of the house was still a confusing maze of small rooms and tight corridors. The clients wanted a modern, airy home filled with natural light; a home that embodied their optimism for a bright future.

Charlestown | Patio and New Kitchen Wing

The Program:

Getting to know the clients through our onboarding process we agreed on the following priorities:

  • A relaxed family oriented living + dining space

  • Kitchen with state of the art appliances

  • Easily accessible outdoor space for cooking and gardening

  • Significant improvement of natural light and air flow

  • A home office to accommodate the post-pandemic WFH movement

  • A separate playroom for children

  • Adult exercise space with strength training equipment

  • Quiet "library" space for reading

  • Flex space for occasional overnight guests

  • Storage for bikes, carriages and other gear for active young families

The Neighborhood:

In all our projects we are mindful of context. We believe it is possible to design for the future while respecting a neighborhood's character. This being our first Charlestown project, we were uncertain how receptive the Boston Planning and Development Agency and the neighbors would be of a modern design.

To our surprise the BPDA was enthusiastic and supportive of our plans - encouraging us to integrate more of the modern design elements into the original structure.


Before Pictures:


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