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Project Mood Boards

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

It has become our practice to create interactive, digital mood boards for our projects. Leveraging The Fuller View's archives on both Pinterest and Tumblr - we create customized mini-blogs for each project. These have proven to be a useful visual tool to clarify the client's values, taste and vision for their own lives. During the programming and schematic design phases of a project, clients can browse and share their blog when its convenient - and post comments, likes or dislikes. Internally, Dewey and I use these as a tool to share design precedent and stay focused on the design DNA for each project.

This is our most recent moodboard - created for our latest project on West Newton Street in the South End. It's a single family Victorian brownstone which is to be renovated, updated and modernized for a client and his partner, both of whom travel a great deal and split time between Boston and London.

Our goal is to create a modern, masculine and glamorous environment - that works for both large-scale entertaining and private oasis. Take a look -


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