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Kitchen Refresh

We did extensive interior renovation and design work on this four bedroom condo in Brookline in 2014. To manage scope and budget, we chose to leave the kitchen alone...for the time being. The existing kitchen had jet black granite counter-tops which looked out of place amidst the quiet greys of the rest of the house. The contrast was too heavy and the endless fingerprints on the granite drove the clients crazy.

Brookline Kitchen Refresh

While the clients were away this winter we all agreed it would be a good time to replace granite with Carrara Marble. The installation happened yesterday, and I'm so happy with the transformation. Previously the kitchen felt shadowy and gloomy The white marble adds a lot of reflective value. Daylight now spills out through the rest of the first floor.

View from library, through dining room into the kitchen

View from front hall through the dining room to kitchen


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