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Friday Nights At Home

It is the third Friday and our 26th consecutive night staying home while Covid19 rages on. Time no longer moves in crisp 60 second increments, but drifts by slowly in a misty haze. Space feels limited and time feels endless.

On a grateful note we are safe and healthy and now have time to cull through our project archives, take stock of where we've been and what we've accomplished. Reflect. Refresh. Renew. Reposition. Move forward with our eyes to the sky and our feet on the ground.

Staying Home

We expect there will be many nights at home in all our futures. We had best get comfortable. "Staying Home" will be the new "Going Out".

Our homes will need to do more and be more in the future. The lines between home and office, home and school, parent and teacher, us and the outside world will all be blurred. How and where we dine, watch sports, or consume entertainment will shift toward home. So how do we stay focused, keep our kids on track, our relationships strong, our values in tact and have fun? How do we adapt the spaces we inhabit here and now to meet these new demands? How do we stay nurtured, stay calm and thrive in the midst of uncertainty?

An extra bathroom. An extra bedroom. An upgraded kitchen. A home office. A space to work out. A corner for yoga. A work/study space for the kids. Maybe a media room with theater seating and a really, really big screen.

Nichols Design Group would love to review your needs, help define your dreams and imagine new possibilities. Turning ordinary space into something extraordinary is what we do best.

Stay Safe. Stay Home. Stay Hopeful.

Dewey and David


Go ahead, Imagine the possibilities.

Below is a formal dining room and octagonal kitchen we created from the raw basement of a South End brownstone. A once abandoned property now an elegant single-family residence.

Stair Landing on Garden, Kitchen and Dining Level
Staircase View from the Parlor Level


Dining Room / Garden Level




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