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Collaboration between Kevin and Kalah is second nature. They have a unique connection. Before they were married, they were creative cohorts for over a decade. Their connection is the most natural and symbiotic part of their business and a key ingredient in their success. They do not always agree, and they like that. When they work together, they challenge each other to be their best and trust and respect each other’s vision. They welcome client input. If Kevin’s vision has a window where Kalah wants to put a bed they discuss both perspectives, add the client’s requests to the mix, and develop the best solution.

What truly sets Kevin and Kalah apart are their daily dialogues. There is no pretense or reservation about the designer talking to the architect when he is just down the hall. There is no detail that gets lost in translation. They are a true design team. As a result, every step of the process is infinitely more enjoyable for everybody, especially their clients.

All architecture and interior design projects begin with a dialogue. You speak and we listen. We take note of your likes and dislikes. What works for you and what fails. This conversation inevitably becomes the building blocks of your project and our relationship. And from here your project evolves.

Creating a space that is custom designed for your needs is personal. As a full service Architecture and Interior Design firm we are here from this initial conversation to the day you walk into your designed and completed space and through all the steps in between.



We started our firm out of a passion for helping our clients simplify the renovation process.


Our philosophy is straightforward — we combine creative design and quality craftsmanship under one roof to save you time. Our people are passionate for design and construction — we work in the industry not because we have to, but because we love helping our clients achieve the homes of their dreams.

Coming from a finance and economics background, I have not been entrenched in this industry, and many of our clients have found that refreshing. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our client’s experience by focusing on their perspective. We are determined to make this process less stressful.

We would love to start designing your next home renovation. Let’s lead the way to creating smarter, healthier, and greener homes.



We provide single source accountability. We carefully guide our clients through every step of the process from site evaluation and permitting to architecture and construction to landscape and interior design. This all-inclusive approach saves you valuable time and energy. Whether it is the home of your dreams or the kitchen renovation you have always wanted, true value is created by combining creative design and quality craftsmanship.

Our design philosophy is anchored on listening and collaborating with our clients. Understanding your vision and then transcending that vision with the utmost in creativity, functionality, and ingenuity. Creating a truly inspired design where every single detail matters. One of our mantras is to integrate every new space seamlessly into the existing structure, so seamlessly that someone does not even know a renovation ever took place. Whether a historic restoration or modern addition, we take great pride in each project being unique and personal to you and your home. Timeless. Classic. Simple. Elegant.


One of our experienced Site Superintendents is dedicated to your project to create a safe work environment and the highest quality craftsmanship. Our Project Management team works closely with you and the Site Superintendents to ensure that all the project goals are met within our established budget and timeline. Our Design Team is then intimately involved beyond initial design and into construction to make sure every detail is perfectly executed.

Our unwavering commitment to handcrafting your dream is coupled with making each renovation we complete better for the environment and long-term health of your family. Whether you are looking for a new construction home or a timeless Kitchen Renovation, our teams pride themselves on implementing the highest construction and energy standards into our projects. We were Going Green before it was a buzzword and will continue to be atthe forefront of Green building. The Cutting Edge Team believes that in order to be truly successful, one must give back to the community which they serve. We buy local products from local vendors and with each project that Cutting Edge Homes completes, a portion of those proceeds are donated to a local charity.

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