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Nichols Design Group recognizes that clients seek architectural and design services when they confront a need for change - at home or in their businesses 

their physical environment no longer supports the clients goals.

We believe great design happens when form and function intersect.  A beautiful room, a great-looking shop or office are all well and good, but if a space does not support the clients goals or bring them closer to their goals, then it is lousy design. 

We respect our client's time and money - some client's have greater constraints around one or the other.  We will find strive to be consistently straightforward about project scope, budget and time line. 


 are or us, interior design is about listening carefully to what our clients say, distilling that information, and then using our own expertise and judgement to deliver interiors of refinement that far surpass all expectations. 

Life expands and contracts.  Families expand and contract.  Businesses expand and contract.  Much of life's expansion and contraction happens without our planning or our permission. Sometimes change happens due to abundance and joy, and sometimes it happens from lack and sorrow. How we respond to all of that is what matters.  Sometimes our physical environments - our homes and workplaces - need to change too.

Our homes are far than shelter - they are extensions of us, part of our public facade. For some they are our biggest asset a key investment in a big-picture strategy. When form follows function they are also a tool we use in pursuit of our life goals. They are also tools that nurture and feed our dreams.  A gathering place for our extended families. The spaces where intimacy and conversation flow with ease.  The kitchen tables where little every-day moments add up to a lifetime of memories. 

Interior Design Services

From custom residential design to collaborative work with builders and architects, Chrisicos Interiors creates luxurious and distinctive interiors throughout the Boston area and beyond.
Interior Design

Whether you need a full design plan for a single space or for an entire home, our mission is to deliver a flawless product that is a true reflection of your vision.
Construction Design

Chrisicos Interiors collaborates with the client, architect, and builder to work every stage of design from conceptualizing to implementation. We can provide selections and materials necessary to complete the project. As your design specialist, we provide hands on oversight of the design features of your project and solve design build problems as they arise.
Working as your liaison we provide communication and coordination between you and your contractor to ensure a smooth process and beautiful result.

After an initial conversation, we share ideas through the exchange of architecture and interior design images and discussion about what inspires you. As we get to know each other, we develop a working project plan that includes detailed furniture plans. Once we agree on the scope of the interior design project and a budget, you can let go of the reins and the true interior design work begins. I consult with my trusted sources from NYC to the fields of Brimfield and everywhere in between. Then we meet for a presentation and discuss next steps.

As we fine-tune your selections, I guide you through all stages of purchasing, project management and installation. It’s a lot of fun. My job is not done until the construction dust disappears, and your art is on the walls. My goal is for you to have a unique space that is a true reflection of your personal style and our seamless collaboration.

All architecture and interior design projects begin with a dialogue. You speak and we listen. We take note of your likes and dislikes. What works for you and what fails. This conversation inevitably becomes the building blocks of your project and our relationship. And from here your project evolves.

Creating a space that is custom designed for your needs is personal. As a full service Architecture and Interior Design firm we are here from this initial conversation to the day you walk into your designed and completed space and through all the steps in between.

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