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19001-400 Stevens Glenn Road - Front Per

The Berkshires

With retirement in mind, the client wants to shift the hub of their lives from their Boston condo to their beloved summer home in the Berkshires.

The existing house is a manufactured home built in the 90's on a parcel of land they had bought earlier when careers and children were young. The house nestles up into the hillside with westerly sunset views. 

They've asked us to create a master plan that will anticipate their needs for comfort, convenience and space; while respecting the family's legacy and core values.


Our plan modernizes and upgrades the interiors, replaces an outdated kitchen,  integrates a new three season room, expands outdoor living spaces, adds a 2 car garage, a music loft with glass garage doors that will double as a  greenhouse in the off seasons and an improved sense of entry / arrival onto the property. 

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