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Nichols Architects LLC
dba Nichols Design Group
23 Millmont Street - Boston MA  02119
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Nichols Design Group
is a Boston-based architecture and interior design firm with expertise in residential construction, renovations, additions, retail, banking and commercial projects
throughout Greater Boston and New England.  

David G. Fuller

Dewey A. Nichols

"Dewey and David have transformed our home and our family life in ways we had not imagined.  I cannot recommend them highly enough."

We believe the spaces we inhabit are more than than places to keep our stuff, 
more than showcases for life's trophies and more than
expressions of taste or style.
A well designed space awakens the imagination and sparks creativity.
We believe mindful design will infuse daily life with peace of mind
and a sense of well being.
We believe good design improves our relationships
and the quality of our lives.
We believe the spaces we inhabit are not stagesets for the life we live today,
nor showcases of where we've been
but dynamic tools that help navigate us toward the life we want. 



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